I’m writing/producing a feature film based on a fascinating true crime story about the Betsy Faria murder/Pam Hupp story–a bizarre tale full of sex, deceit, twists, and murders–based on life story rights of the two principals, Russ Faria, the wrongly accused/convicted husband, and Joel Schwartz, Russ’s defense atty and leading figure in uncovering the actual killer, Pam Hupp. The story’s been featured on 8 segments on NBC’s Dateline and will be the focus in its September premiere show, making the Faria/Hupp story the most covered show in Dateline’s history—except for the O.J. and JonBenet Ramsey stories!

russ faria and betsy pam hupp

(Russell and Betsy Faria)                                         Pam Hupp

joel schwartz

                                                                     Joel Schwartz




My newly-released short film, SAFE & HAPPY, won two nominations from the Austin Revolution Film Festival, Sept. 3-8:  Best U.S. Short and Best Actor for Clayton Bury.  The No. 1 Filmmaker Rated Festival on Film Freeway, the Austin Revolution Film Festival, received over 3000 submissions before making its official selections.  So we’re especially proud of our little film, just now beginning its festival circuit.  Our film screens on Sept. 6.  More to come!

S&HFinal Postersafe and happy best dramatic short arff

Production Wraps on SAFE AND HAPPY

SAFE AND HAPPY Cast and Crew

A superb cast and crew finished production on my new short film, SAFE AND HAPPY, after a two-day shoot on March 8-9, in St. Louis.  SAFE AND HAPPY tells the dramatic story of an ex-cop who for years has kept an explosive secret from his wife and the world but is suddenly exposed at a critical moment–with life-changing consequences.  As our group picture after the shoot indicates, this was a team that was a joy to work with.

Script Adaptation of Carmen Gentile’s BLINDSIDED BY THE TALIBAN


blindsided by the taliban cover

I am pleased to announce that in January I optioned the film rights to the fascinating true story memoir, BLINDSIDED BY THE TALIBAN:  A JOURNALIST’S STORY OF WAR, TRAUMA, LOVE, AND LOSS, by Carmen Gentile.  It’s a captivating and piercingly honest account of a war correspondent who, amazingly, survived a rocket-propelled-grenade attack, and went on to a recovery–both physical and emotional–that is at once riveting and deeply engaging.  It immediately struck me as an extremely relatable story for a movie.  So I’m at work turning Carmen’s partly harrowing, partly humorous personal story into a film that, I believe, will be even more captivating on the big screen.  Stay  tuned!